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Automatic self-supporting bag filling screw cap m

A、Equipment size:2900x3330x2350mm(LxWxH)

Dimensions of finished conveyor:4000x450x800mm(LxWxH)

B、Production speed:2800-3600bags/hour

C、Filling volume:250-500ml

D、Power Supply:AC380V,Three phase four wire system

E、Working pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa

F、Air consumption:0.7mэ/min

1、Usage:This machine is suitable for filling and capping various soft packing bags with suction nozzles, such as beauty water, sports water, soybean milk, jelly, condiments and washing products, etc.

2、Major Material:The frame is made of SUS304 # stainless steel square pipe, the door frame is made of SUS304 # stainless steel and plexiglass, the frame table is open structure, the cover plate and hanging plate are made of SUS304 # stainless steel.

3、Work flow:automatic bag feeding→automatic side bag→automatic quantitative filling→automatic nitrogen (blowing)→automatic cleaning→automatic capping→automatic capping→automatic capping detection→automatic capping (using permanent magnet force control torque)→automatic bag back →product delivery, the entire process of automatic control;

4、This machine adopts PLC control and human-machine interface operation system.

5、Filling barrel part:it is made of 304 # stainless steel plate, which is easy to clean, strong rigidity, and not easy to breed bacteria;CIP cleaning system with a key start control mode, cleaning time user settings, cleaning the completion of acoustooptic prompts, the material capacity of the inner wall and filling valve, pipeline, pump body cleaning;

6、Filling part:adopting the independent filling mode of the quantitative pump, and configuring no bag no filling device;

7、Cleaning part:V type structure sealed around cleaning;

8、Transport lid lifter:photoelectric eye control, automatic lifting and conveying, supplemental cover.

9、The part of falling cap:automatically arranging the cap, sleeving the cap, and configuring the automatic detection function of sleeving the cap, realizing the machine stop without cover.

10、Screw cap part:adopts frequency conversion speed regulation mode and permanent magnet force transmission torque to make the screw cap tighten properly, and the tightness is adjusted according to the scale, so the adjustment is convenient and quick.

11、Finished product conveyor:automatic conveying after filling finished products, safe, stable, easy to adjust, greatly reducing the manual operation;

12、Main components:

Part name
Place of Origin
Main motor
Huanqiu Motor
Rotary cap motor
Yuxin Motor Taiwan
Zhujiang Foshan
Switch button
PLC Yonghong Taiwan
Touch screen
Weinview Taiwan
Frequency converter
Taida Taiwan
Omron Japan
Pneumatic components
Airtac Taiwan
(Note: Customers can optionally equip the cover conveyor or finished product conveyor according to workshop conditions and production requirements, and the imported or domestic brands of electrical and pneumatic components can be selected according to customer needs)

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