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A. Equipment specifications: about 3800 x 2350 x 2100 mm (long x wide x high)
B. Production speed: 5700-6800 bags/hour
C. Filling capacity: 80-250ml
D. Power supply: AC380V, three-phase four-wire system
E. Working Pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa
F. Gas Consumption: 0.7m_/min

1. Uses: This machine is suitable for filling and screwing caps of various soft packing bags with suction nozzles, such as frozen, milk, condiments and washing products.
2. Main materials: The frame is made of SUS304_stainless steel square tube with an open structure on the platform, and the spiral covers and hanging plates are made of SUS304_stainless steel.
3. Workflow: automatic bag feeding→automatic measuring bag→automatic quantitative filling→automatic nitrogen filling (blowing)→automatic cleaning→automatic cover feeding→automatic cover management→automatic cover detection→automatic capping→automatic bag withdrawal, the whole process is fully automatic control;
4. The machine is controlled by PLC and operated by man-machine interface.
5. Bucket part: 304# stainless steel plate is used for making, which is easy to clean, rigid and not easy to breed bacteria.
6. Filling part: adopting the independent filling form of quantitative pump, and equipped with no bag and no filling device;
7. Cleaning part: using V-type structure sealed around cleaning;
8. Dropping part: Automatically arrange cover and cover, and configure cover auto-detection function to realize no cover shutdown;
9. Screw cap part: adopt frequency conversion speed regulation mode, use permanent magnet force to transfer torque, make the screw cap tighten properly, the tightness is adjusted according to the scale, and the adjustment is convenient and fast;
10. Shanghai Super Energy Electronics, Taiwan Yonghong PLC, Taiwan Weilun Man-Machine Operating Interface and Delta Frequency Converter are used in the equipment and electrical parts.
11. The pneumatic components of the equipment adopt Taiwan Yadeke.

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