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Automatic self-supporting bag filling screw cap m

A、Equipment size:3795x3145x2230mm(LxWxH)

B、Production speed:6000-6800bags/hour

C、Filling quantity:50-280ml

D、Power Supply:AC380V,Three phase four wire system

E、Working pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa

F、Air consumption:0.8mэ/min

1、Usage:This machine is suitable for filling and capping various soft packing bags,Such as rice wine, jelly, condiment and so on;

2、Major Material:The frame is made of SUS304 # stainless steel square pipe, the door frame is made of SUS304 # stainless steel and plexiglass, the frame table is open structure, The cover plate and the hanging plate are all made of SUS304# stainless steel.

3、Work flow:automatic bag feeding →automatic side bag→automatic quantitative filling→automatic nitrogen (blowing)→automatic cleaning→automatic capping→automatic capping→automatic capping detection→automatic servo capping→automatic bag back, the whole process of automatic control;

4、This machine adopts PLC control and human-machine interface operation system.

5、Barrel part:adopt 304 # stainless steel double-layer heat preservation full-sealed barrel, electric heating water heat preservation, equipped with automatic mixing function, It is suitable for filling liquids containing rice grains and pulp, and the mixing motor is equipped with frequency conversion and speed regulation function; with CIP cleaning system, it adopts one-button start-up control mode, the cleaning time is set by the user, and the sound and light prompt is completed to clean the inner wall of the material capacity and the filling valve, pipeline and pump body.

6、Filling part:adopting the independent filling mode of the quantitative pump, and configuring no bag no filling device;

7、Cleaning part:V type structure sealed around cleaning;

8、Transport lid lifter:photoelectric eye control, automatic lifting and conveying, supplemental cover.

9、The part of falling cap:automatically arranging the cap, sleeving the cap, and configuring the automatic detection function of sleeving the cap, realizing the machine stop without cover.

10、The screw cap part:adopts touch screen, PLC and servo motor to control the screw cap independently. The maximum torque of the screw cap is 3.8N.m. The torque and speed of the screw cap can be set at the touch screen terminal. The screw cap has high precision and low deviation of the screw cap precision. It is suitable for various types of caps.

11、Intelligent control:This machine is equipped with Ethernet remote real-time monitoring equipment (hardware), reserved ports for users to upgrade control in the future, users can timely remote (office) supporting monitoring equipment (PC computer), it can achieve production monitoring and data transmission functions; (customer optional equipment)

12、Electrical parts adopt Zhejiang Zhongda Motor, Japan Mitsubishi Servo Cap Motor, Germany Siemens PLC, Germany Siemens Touch Screen, Japan Mitsubishi Inverter, Japan Omron Rotary Encoder, etc.
13、Taiwan AirTAC is used for pneumatic components.

(Note: The model is a high-configuration version, customized for customers. Customers can optionally equip the cover conveyor or finished product conveyor or intelligent control system according to workshop conditions and production requirements; electrical and pneumatic components can be selected imported or domestic brands according to customer needs)

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