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Fully automatic linear filling machine


B、Filling volumeMAX≤1.2L

C、Production Speed1800-2200 Bottles/Hour

D、Whole power8KW

E、Use power supply380V/50HZ,three-phase four-wire

F、Use air pressure0.65-0.8Mpa

G、Gas consumption0.8 m3/min

H、Equipment dimensions5300x1300x2200mm

I、Equipment weight1800kg

一. The machine is suitable for glass bottles, PP bottles, PET bottles, pipe-mouth bottles, tin cans and other types of bottles, transport and filling; Applicable materials range: fluid, paste viscous materials, etc.
二. The whole machine is composed of three parts: bottle sorter, conveyor and filler, forming an efficient and automatic production line.
三. Bottle-dividing and capping part:
1. Fuselage is made of stainless steel 304, clean and sanitary.
2. Manually put the bottle into the bottle supply disc. The rotary disc rotates at a high speed (speed variable frequency speed) to supply the bottle according to the requirements and transport it to the next production process.
四. Filling Machine Part:
1. Transport part:
①、The green PE liner guide is adopted.
②、Stainless steel wheel axle and stainless steel chain plate are used;
③、Stainless steel bearings and bearing seats are adopted, and the tension of transmission chain is adjustable.
2. Filling part:
①、304# stainless square pipe is used for welding the main frame.Outsourcing 304 # stainless steel, food contact part using 304 # stainless steel materials;
②、The filling part of the equipment is suitable for two types of bottles (one type of filling sugar water and one type of filling paste), and six filling heads are made respectively.
Servo quantitative filling is used in paste filling part. Each quantitative pump is driven by a servo motor, which can improve filling accuracy. The capacity can be set by touch screen. Self-flow filling is used in sugar filling part.
③、Equipped with 304# stainless steel U-shaped horizontal barrel with stirring;
④、Photoelectric detection without bottle filling;
⑤、Configuration of CIP cleaning function can clean the inner wall of material container and filling valve filling pipeline filling pump body.

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