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automatic filling single film sealer

A. Equipment specification: 4500x900x1800mm (length x width x height)
B. Production speed: 7800-8600 cups / hour
C. Filling capacity: 30-70g
D. Filling materials: beef mushroom sauce, dried fish hot sauce, Douchi sauce, etc
E. Holes per mold: 8 cups / mold
F. Overall power: 10kw
G. Power supply: 380V / 50Hz (three-phase four wire)
H. Working air pressure: 0.65-0.8mpa
I. Gas consumption: 0.8m? / min
J. Product qualification rate: ≥ 99.9%

1. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel square tube, and the food contact part is made of 304 stainless steel;
2. Equipped with knife and fork type separation and delivery cup, flexible delivery cup, without clamping cup, equipped with UV sterilization;
3. 304# stainless steel horizontal barrel with agitation, CIP cleaning system;
4. It is suitable for the servo quantitative filling of soy sauce. The filling quantity can be adjusted, the automatic liquid level control and the automatic material supply;
5. Adopt SMC vacuum sucker of Japan, air cylinder lift type suction and discharge single-chip film, equipped with UV sterilization;
6. Two self positioning floating seals, accurate positioning, to ensure the quality of sealing shear;
7. The reverse cup is lifted by the machine and transported to the guide groove in a row, which falls on the conveyor belt;
8. Working process: automatic cup feeding → one time quantitative filling → automatic suction and release of single film → two times quick detachable independent heat sealing device → mechanical cup withdrawal, the whole process is automatically controlled;
9. This machine adopts PLC control and human-machine interface operation system;
10. In the electrical part, Taiwan‘s vinylon touch screen, Taiwan‘s Yonghong PLC, Taiwan‘s Delta inverter, Japan‘s Mitsubishi servo motor, France‘s Schneider switch button, Japan‘s Omron encoder are used;
11. The pneumatic components are Taiwan Adec;

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